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Publications 2015

Anna M. Schulz, Susanne Stutte, Sebastian Hogl, Nancy Luckashenak, Diana Dudziak, Celine Leroy, Ignasi Forné, Axel Imhof, Stephan A. Müller, Cord H. Brakebusch, Stefan F. Lichtenthaler, Thomas Brocker. (2015) Cdc42-dependent actin dynamics controls maturation and secretory activity of dendritic cells. J. Cell Biol., Vol. 211, No. 3, 553-567. [Project B03]

Alexander F. Heiseke, Benjamin H. Jeuk, Anamarija Markota, Tobias Straub, Hans, Hans-Anton Lehr, Wolfgang Reindl, Anne B. Krug. (2015) IRAK1 Drives Intestinal Inflammation by Promoting the Generation of Effector Th Cells with Optimal Gut-Homing Capacity. J Immunol 2015;195:5787-94. [Project A06]

Reinhard Obst. (2015) The Timing of T Cell Priming and Cycling. Front Immunol. 2015; 6: 563. [Project B07]

Benjamin Knier, Achim Berthele, Dorothea Buck, Paul Schmidt, Claus Zimmer, Mark Mühlau, Bernhard Hemmer, Thomas Korn. (2015) Optical coherence tomography indicates disease activity prior to clinical onset of central nervous system demyelination. Mult Scler, September 11, 2015. [Project B06]

Vargas P, Maiuri P, Bretou M, Saez PJ, Pierobon P, Maurin M, Chabaud M, Lankar D, Obino D, Terriac E, Raab M, Thiam HR, Brocker T, Kitchen-Goosen SM, Alberts AS, Sunareni P, Xia S, Li R, Voituriez R, Piel M, Lennon-Dumenil AM. (2015) Innate control of actin nucleation determines two distinct migration behaviours in dendritic cells.
Nat Cell Biol. 10. 1038/ncb3234. [Project B03]

Srivastava M, Duan G, Kershaw NJ, Athanasopoulos V, Yeo JH, Ose T, Hu D, Brown SH, Jergic S, Patel HR, Pratama A, Richards S, Verma A, Jones EY, Heissmeyer V, Preiss T, Dixon Ne, Chong MM, Babon JJ, Vinuesa CG. (2015) Roquin binds microRNA-146a and Argonaute2 to regulate microRNA homeostasis. Nat Commun 6, 6253. [Project A03]

Michael Flossdorf, Jens Rössler, Veit R Buchholz, Dirk H Busch, Thomas Höfer. (2015) CD8+ T cell diversification by asymmetric cell division. Nature Immunology, Volume 16, Number 9, 891-893. (2015) [Project B09]

Yamano, T., Nedjic, J., Hinterberger, M., Steinert, M., Koser, S., Pinto, S., Gerdes, N., Lutgens, E., Ishimaru, N., Busslinger, M., Brors, B., Kyewski, B. and Klein, L.  (2015) Thymic B Cells Are Licensed to Present Self Antigens for Central T Cell Tolerance Induction. Immunity 42, 1048-61. (2015) [Project B08, IRTG]

Li, S., Dislich, B., Brakebusch, C.H., Lichtenthaler, S.F., Brocker, T. (2015) Control of Homeostasis and Dendritic Cell Survival by the GTPase RhoA. The Journal of Immunology, 195(9), 4244-4256. (2015) [Project B03]

Steinbrück, L., Gustems, M., Medele, S., Schulz, T.F., Lutter, D., and Hammerschmidt, W. (2015) K1 and K15 of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus are partial functional homologues of Latent Membrane Protein 2A of Epstein-Barr virus. J Virol 89, 7248-7261. [Project B05]

Hammerschmidt, W. (2015)The epigenetic life cycle of Epstein-Barr virus (Review Article)
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 390, 103–117. [Project B05]

Sebastian C Warth, Kai P Hoefig, Anian Hiekel, Sonja Schallenberg, Ksenija Jovanovic, Ludger Klein, Karsten Kretschmer, K Mark Ansel, Vigo Heissmeyer. (2015) Induced miR-99a expression represses Mtor cooperatively with miR-150 to promote regulatory T-cell differentiation.
The EMBO Journal (2015) 34, 1195-1213. [Project A01, A03]

Bernhard, C.A., Ried, C., Kochanek, S., Brocker, T. (2015) CD169 +macrophages are sufficient for priming of CTLs with specificities left out by cross-priming dendritic cells.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(17), 5461-5466. (2015) [Project B03]

Magnus Bäck, Christian Weber, Esther Lutgens. (2015) Regulation of atherosclerotic plaque inflammation.
Journal of Internal Medicine 03/2015; 278(5). [Project B04, B08]

Gustavo J. Martinez, Renata M. Pereira, Tarmo Äijö, Edward Y. Kim, Francesco Marangoni, Matthew E. Pipkin, Susan Togher, Vigo Heissmeyer, Yi Chen Thang, Shane Crotty, Edward D. Lamperti, K. Mark Ansel, Thorsten R. Mempel, Harri Lähdesmäki. (2015) The Transcription Factor NFAT Promotes Exhaustion of Activated CD8+ T Cells.
Immunity, Volume 42, Issue 2, 17 February 2015, 265-278. [Project A03]

Klaus Heger, Maike Kober, David Rieß, Christoph Drees, Ingrid de Vries, Arianna Bertossi, Axel Roers, Michael Sixt, Marc Schmidt-Supprian. (2015) A novel Cre recombinase reporter mouse strain facilitates selective and efficient infection of primary immune cells with adenoviral vectors.
Eur. J. Immunol. 2015. 00: 1-7. [Project A02]

Barbara Zarzycka, Tom Seijkens, Sander B. Nabuurs, Tina Ritschel, Jochen Grommens, Oliver Soehnlein, Roy Schrijver, Claudia M. van Tiel, Tilman M. Hackeng, Christian Weber, Fabian Giehler, Arnd Kieser, Esther Lutgens, Gert Vriend, Gerry A.F. Nicolaes. (2015) Discovery of Small Molecule CD40-TRAF6 Inhibitors.
J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2015, 55, 294-307. [Project B04, B08]

Andrea C. Eitelhuber, Oliver Vosyka, Daniel Nagel, Miriam Bognar, Dido Lenze, Katja Lammens, Florian Schlauderer, Daniela Hlahla, Karl-Peter Hopfner, Georg Lenz, Michael Hummer, Steven H.L. Verhelst, Daniel Krappmann. (2015) Activity-Based Probes for Detection of Active MALT1 Paracaspase in Immune Cells and Lymphomas.
Chemistry & Biology 22: 129-138. [Project A04, B02]


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