SFB 1054

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IRTG Representatives

The IRTG representatives act as link between the IRTG members and the management of IRTG 1054.

They organize the annual IRTG retreat, where new representatives are elected by the IRTG members. Moreover, they are involved in the organization of IRTG lecture series as well as other events within the IRTG.

At the IRTG 1054 retreat 2019, two new IRTG representatives were elected:

If there are any suggestions regarding the IRTG 1054 such as the lectures, workshops or retreat, please contact the representatives or the IRTG coordinator.


Former IRTG representatives:

2018 - 2019

  • Teresa Scheibenzuber (Reinhard Obst lab)
  • Michael Hiltensperger (Thomas Korn lab)
  • Henrik Schmidt (Vigo Heissmeyer lab)

2017 - 2018

  • Johanna Huber (Dirk Baumjohann lab)
  • Julia Zeiträg (Dirk Baumjohann lab)
  • Thomas Seeholzer (Daniel Krappmann lab)

2016 - 2017

  • Madlen Steinert (Ludger Klein lab)
  • Anne Trefzer (Reinhard Obst lab)
  • n/a


Participating Institutions