SFB 1054

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Research Area B: Adaptive Cell-Fate Decisions

B1 - Jürgen Ruland

Mechanisms and Consequences of Clec12a Signaling in Antigen Presenting Cells

B02 - Katja Lammens

Structural Mechanisms of MALT1 Signaling in T Cell Differentiation and Activation

B03 - Thomas Brocker

Determination of T Cell Differentiation and T Cell Specificities in Models of Disturbed Immune Homeostasis of the Intestine

B06 - Thomas Korn

IL-23 dependent shaping of T helper cell responses

B07 - Reinhard Obst

TCR Tuning by Transient and Persistent Antigen Presentation

B09 - Dirk Busch & Veit Buchholz

Composing Diverse T Cell Responses by Recruitment and Differentiation from Multiple Individual Precursor Cells

B10 - Christina Zielinski

Role and Regulation of Innate IL-1α Production by Human T Helper Cells in Health and Disease

B11 - Carolin Daniel

Mechanisms of Immune Activation versus Tolerance in Autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes

B12 - Dirk Baumjohann

Dissecting T Cell-Extrinsic Requirements for Early Tfh Cell Differentiation

B14 - Dietmar Zehn

Identification of Molecular Determinants of Effector T Cell Function in Viral Infections


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