SFB 1054

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Research Area A: Homeostatic Differentiation Programs

A01 - Ludger Klein

Determinants of Intrathymic T Cell Fate Decisions

A02 - Marc Schmidt-Supprian

Functional Differentiation and Diversification of NKT Cells

A03 - Vigo Heissmeyer

Post-transcriptional Control of T Cell Activation and Differentiation

A04 - Daniel Krappmann

Regulation of Immune Cell Differentiation and Function by MALT1 Phosphorylation and Splicing

A05 - Christoph Klein & Daniel Kotlarz

Developmental Plasticity of Immune Homeostasis in the Human Gut - Insights from Patients with Rare Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

A06 - Anne Krug

Development and Plasticity of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells


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