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IRTG Workshop - GraphPad Prism

15.04.2019 – 16.04.2019

Workshop Details:

Date: Monday, 15 April - Tuesday, 16 April (2 days)
Content: 0.5 days Introduction to Data Analysis with GraphPad Prism, 1.5 days Means Comparison with GraphPad Prism
Venue: BMC, Großhaderner Str. 9, Planegg-Martinsried
Language: English

Workshop content:

In the 1st part of this training (introduction) you learn the complete course of a data analysis ranging from data import and descriptive statistical analysis to creation and optimization of the output.
The 2nd part covers all types of means comparisons and similar methods which are implemented in PRISM.

* Please only register for the workshop if you are sure that you will be able to participate in the entire event. *



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