SFB 1054

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Research Areas

Project Group A: Homeostatic Differentiation Programs

ProjectTitlePrincipal Investigator
A01 Determinants of Intrathymic T Cell Fate Decisions                     Ludger Klein
A02 Functional Differentiation and Diversification of NKT Cells Marc Schmidt-Supprian
A03 Post-transcriptional Control of T Cell Activation and Differentiation Vigo Heissmeyer
A04 Regulation of Immune Cell Differentiation and Function by MALT1 Phosphorylation and Splicing Daniel Krappmann
A05 Developmental Plasticity of Immune Homeostasis in the Human Gut - Insights from Patients with Rare Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Christoph Klein &
Daniel Kotlarz
A06 Development and Plasticity of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Anne Krug

 Project Group B: Adaptive Cell-Fate Decisions

ProjectTitlePrincipal Investigator
B01 Mechanisms and Consequences of Clec12a Signaling in Antigen Presenting Cells Jürgen Ruland
B02 Structural Mechanisms of MALT1 Signaling in T Cell Differentiation and Activation Katja Lammens
B03 Determination of T Cell Differentiation and T Cell Specificities in Models of Disturbed Immune Homeostasis of the Intestine Thomas Brocker
B06 Cytokine Networks in the Regulation of T Cell Mediated Infammation in the Central Nervous System Thomas Korn
B07 TCR Tuning by Transient and Persistent Antigen Presentation Reinhard Obst
B09 Composing Diverse T Cell Responses by Recruitment and Differentiation from Multiple Individual Precursor Cells Dirk Busch &
Veit Buchholz
B10 Role and Regulation of Innate IL-1α Production by Human T Helper Cells in Health and Disease Christina Zielinski
B11 Mechanisms of Immune Activation versus Tolerance in Autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes Carolin Daniel
B12 Dissecting T Cell-Extrinsic Requirements for Early Tfh Cell Differentiation Dirk Baumjohann
B14 Identification of Molecular Determinants of Effector T Cell Function in Viral Infections Dietmar Zehn

Central Projects

ProjectTitlePrincipal Investigator
IRTG Cell-Fate Decisions in the Immune System Ludger Klein
Z01 Central Administration Thomas Brocker
Z02 Cell-Fate Analysis Platform Vigo Heissmeyer

Associated Projects

ProjectTitlePrincipal Investigator
1 Dissecting CD4+ T helper cell heterogeneity and phenotype with quantitative proteomics Felix Meissner
2 Cellular sources and impact of the cytokine IL-23 for differentiation of pathogenic Th17 cells Anneli Peters
3 CRISPR-dissection of human regulatory T cell induction Kathrin Schumann