SFB 1054

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Graduate Program

Modern immunological research is positioned at the crossroads of diverse disciplines such as molecular genetics, developmental biology and cell biology and also has immediate points of intersection with clinical medicine and diagnostics. Particular aspects of the immune system are being dissected with increasing mechanistic and molecular resolution, leading to a growing specialization of individual researchers on distinct aspects of the immune system.

However, an integrated view of the complex cell fate decisions in the immune system that are subject of the CRC 1054 can only be obtained if the interplay of a multitude of parameters such as cellular players, soluble factors and microenvironmental cues is taken into consideration.

By providing a framework for the disciplinary- and interdisciplinary training of PhD and MD students, the IRTG “Cell Fate Decisions in the Immune System” within the CRC 1054 strives to address the need for a “holistic” approach to immune biology.

The IRTG offers several structured training activities such as a lecture series on specific topics related to the research activities of the CRC 1054, a journal club and soft-skills training.

In addition, the IRTG aims to foster individualized training activities by providing travel grants/short term fellowships that cover external lab visits with the perspective of acquiring technological skills not available within the CRC 1054.

Students will organize an annual IRTG student retreat where external keynote speakers are invited and the major emphasis will be on informal discussions of work-in-progress. In sum, this IRTG initiative intends to provide excellent doctoral students with key qualifications that are not only considered crucial for the success of the CRC 1054, but will also support a future career in life sciences.


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