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The CRC 1054 IRTG offers several structured training activities, such as a lecture series on specific topics related to the research activities of the CRC 1054, a journal club, an annual IRTG retreat and soft skills training. In addition, the IRTG aims to foster individualised training activities by providing travel grants/short-term fellowships that cover external lab visits with the prospect of acquiring technological skills not available within the CRC 1054.

In sum, this IRTG initiative intends to provide excellent doctoral students with key qualifications that are not only considered crucial for the success of the CRC 1054, but will also support a future career in life sciences.


Lecture Series

The IRTG offers a lecture series on specific topics related to the research within the CRC. Here, CRC group leaders introduce their research fields as well as key technologies to familiarize doctoral researchers with the range of research topics represented within the CRC.

To support IRTG researchers to pursue a career of choice, the lecture series also provides input on different career paths after a doctorate.

Please find more information on the IRTG lecture series and the current schedule here.


Transferable Skill Courses

The IRTG offers workshops covering a wide range of topics including career development, statistics or ethical issues. Some examples of transferable skill courses are:

  • Statistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Good scientific practice
  • Career in science
  • Scientific writing
  • Presentation skills

Please see News & Events workshops currently offered by the IRTG.

Moreover, the IRTG provides funding for individual training activities (also see Travel Grants below).

Annual Retreat

Doctoral researchers organise annual IRTG retreats where the major emphasis will be on informal discussions of work in progress. Moreover, these retreats provide a platform for networking.


Travel Grants

The IRTG provides funding for 

1. Schools, e.g.

2. Workshops, e.g.
  • Animal Training (FELASA)
  • Flow cytometry (BD FACS Operator)
  • Microscopy

3. External Lab Visit

The IRTG 1054 offers grants for external lab visits to acquire technological skills not available within the CRC.

Please contact the IRTG coordinator to apply for a travel grant.


Thesis Advisory Committee

The Thesis Advisory Committees (TACs) are a fundamental component of the doctoral training within the CRC 1054 IRTG. TACs secure a constant survey of progress and problems in individual doctoral research projects.

Each member of the IRTG should assemble their TAC at the beginning of their thesis work. Typically, a TAC consists of two CRC members selected by the doctoral researcher. The first meeting of this advisory committee, the doctoral researcher and the immediate supervisor should take place early after entry into the IRTG program in order to put together milestones for the project. These milestones are subsequently discussed on an annual basis within committee meetings and eventually are adjusted.


Participating Institutions